Monday, March 16, 2020

30 Mostly-Generic Fantasy Races

Roll on this table as a supplement to determine what relatively standard and widespread fantasy race you want to include in your fantasy setting- excluding the generic standbys of Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Halfling, Gnome, and Human.

Art @Sean Andrew Murray
30 Mostly-Generic Fantasy Races
[1] The “Barbarian” Human. Taller, sometimes partially giant.
[2] The “Amazon” Human. Female only offshoot.
[3] The “Dark” Human. Something like Drow, or just unnaturally (pitch black) dark skin.
[4] Lizard people. Always from the swamp or desert.
[5] Plant people. Not treants- just have green skin and like leaves for hair.
[6] Multi-colored skin people. May be Genie born, or like Gensai.
[7] Treants. Actually playable sticks and branches, the Ents. May be “dryads” instead.
[8] Wolf people. May be “domestic dog” race instead, with many various breeds.
[9] Dhampir people. Vampire-like powers, white hair, can go out in the sun.
[10] Tieflings, or Cambions. Half demon type people.
[11] Kobolds. The less flighty and stupid variety for playable characters.
[12] Dragonborn.
[13] Gel/Slime people. Almost certainly a single amorphous mass in humanoid shape.
[14] Monstergirls and/or monsterboys. Looks like a human with animal ears and tails.
[15] Snake people. Most depictions are Naga like, with a long tail instead of legs.
[16] Cat people. Lazy, vain, good at being thieves.
[17] Mermaids. Possibly more like Aquaman, or maybe with little gils instead of ears.
[18] Warforged. Robot people, probably more arcane then mechanical.
[19] Puppet and/or Scarecrow people.
[20] Bat people.
[21] Mushroom people.
[22] Stone/Mountain people. May be the “trolls” or too big and not necessarily playable.
[23] Minotaurs.
[24] Centaurs
[25] Satyrs
[26] Monkey or Ape people.
[27] Goblins. Often these are monsters and not a normal “race”, but some crossover exists.
[28] Undead/Forsaken intelligent zombie and/or ghost people.
[29] Weird fluffy/furry monster with no recognizable animal origin. Like Gossamer. Or Yetis.
[30] Shapeshifter/changeling race.