Thursday, March 19, 2020

Wand of Corpsegrowth

Wand of Corpsegrowth – 1d4+2 Magical Implement
Ego- 6

The wand of corpsegrowth is a white and black wand that dribbles bright green slime out the tip. When the wand is flung, it fires a sticky string of green energy that deals 1d4+2 magical energy damage to the target. This requires a to-hit roll, modified by Intelligence. The Wand is considered a magical implement as a weapon; and is subject to all bonuses or defenses against magical implements.

The wand of corpsegrowth has an inner chamber that fills with its magical liquid over time. It takes about three days for it to fully refill, though once it is full it drips out the end. At the caster's mental command, the wand can be drizzled over a dead body. This body abosrbs the liquid and starts to change. It grows layers of muscle to extend over its frame. Air pockets fill its bones and gets them bigger, and its skin grows taut over its newfound size. The corpse goes up a category in size. Humans corpses grow roughly to the size of an ogre, ogres to giants. Several small corpses, like a pile of dead rats or a handful of dead dogs, can be sprinkled instead of a single corpse, which causes them to grow.

Corpses that are grown can be animated with the same turn undead spells as they could before. They treat themselves as the same type of undead, with +2 HD, -2 AC from being larger and slower, and +2 to damage with all attacks due to increased size and strength. Intelligent undead, such as a friendly vampire, get a saving throw to avoid this wand's effect if sprinkled with the fluid. Otherwise, it is treated as a mutation.

This wand does not have the powers over the dead, nor does it animate corpses. It merely acts as a powerful conduit to make corpses bigger. Ghouls fight holy wars over it, as the flesh it creates is just as good to eat, if a little gamey. Necromancers are the primary owners of this wand, and its ego is targeted to their kind. Anyone who does not possess at least one necromancer spell and doesn't meet the Ego requirements that tries to use this wand will be punished. Using this wand with an inferior ego has a 1 in 6 chance to cause all Turn Undead spells and actions to fail for the rest of the day. Secondly, the next time any undead attacks the holder of the wand, the wand will shoot its fluid onto that creature, making them larger and more powerful as they are attacking its unworthy holder.

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