Friday, January 14, 2022

50 Things found in a Soldier's Boot

Roll on this list if you're scavenging through a battlefield, just killed some evil empire mooks, or maybe if your character starts as a generic soldier- this is what they got under their foot.

For a bandit/militia- Roll 1d20
For a blackguard/elite- Roll 1d20+30
For a real bloodthirsty bastard- Roll 1d10+30
For any old soldier- Roll 1d50

50 Things found in a Soldier's Boot
A rock.
[2] Old bandage trimmings.
[3] Dried blood.
[4] Some flower petals- meant to prevent foot fungus.
[5] Some dead maggots.
[6] The severed foot.
[7] Some copper coins.
[8] Some gremlins.
[9] Tufts of grass to act as poor padding.
[10] A hole.
[11] Old tooth.
[12] Wooden dowel used for bandages (or toilet paper)
[13] Bit of nasty water.
[14] Bit of slime and shed skin- probably trenchfoot. Gross.
[15] Bit of slime from a slime- slashed apart. No longer acidic in this state.
[16] Knuckle bones
[17] Lock of a prostitute's hair.
[18] Tiny bag of grain, hidden from his fellows.
[19] Pet mouse.
[20] Crude drawing of the face of his superior officer.
[21] The minimum age required to enlist- written on a tiny slip of paper.
[22] Note for an extra meal at the commissary.
[23] Fake gold coin.
[24] Deck of playing cards.
[25] Pouch of salt.
[26] Some dead gremlins.
[27] Note written by another soldier as an IOU for a day of shore leave.
[28] An arrowhead.
[29] An extra sole.
[30] Feathers; for fletching arrows in the field
[31] A knife.
[32] Note announcing a denial for promotion.
[33] The leather face of a person, tread on in hatred.
[34] Tarot Cards
[35] Dead songbird, wrapped in soiled bandages
[36] Voodoo doll- uniform as the enemy
[37] Fresh blood.
[38] Doll's dress.
[39] Bloody rag.
[40] An extra soul.
[41] Some herbs; helps with the smell.
[42] Map of the local area. There's an X marked with "weapon cache"
[43] Pouch of spices.
[44] Bloody handkerchief.
[45] Polish.
[46] Key.
[47] Tiny hand mirror.
[48] Some silver coins.
[49] Stiletto
[50] Perfumed love letter

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