Wednesday, January 12, 2022

[Class] Salaryman

Max AC-
12 / Minimum Hit-Points- 3

You are a Salaryman. Imported directly from a Tokyo subway car- probably while you were taking a nap. You got Isekai'd into a fantasy world, but you aren't some young kid with escapist fantasies; you probably hate it here.

Quick note; you're free to not lean into the Japanese stereotype for this one- but I think it fits best. An American "Salaryman" feels more sleazy, more of a Patrick Bateman or a Steve Castle, better suited for a venture capitalist style class. We aren't trying to profit on the fantasy world or turn it into a parking lot, we're more trying to keep it running smoothly with a slavish devotion to protocol.

As a Salaryman, you aren't gifted with any kind of fighting or magical prowess. However, you are used to an incredible workload. Reroll your Constitution score with 3d6+1 and keep it if its bigger then your original score when you create your character. You're also pretty good at karaoke- not like a bard or anything, but not bad. Treat your Charisma as +1 for stuff like this.

As an innate ability; you can respectfully bow, address, and politely defer to any intelligent fantasy creature. You can do this in place of a normal reaction roll. Treat the result as a Neutral- the creature cannot attack you or your party unless you attack first. Most creatures will treat this with utter confusion. Every level beyond the first, you can manage a meeting with a creature one step on the chain of command higher, equal to your level in HD or less. So at 2nd level you can manage to get a meeting with the kobold headshaman after a meeting with some random kobolds that were trying to lure you into a trap earlier. These meetings follow the same rules as above; preventing direct and immediate retaliation.

You are also very skilled at apologizing. At 3rd level and above, you can successful apologize to even the most radical groups of breeches of conduct or harm against their organization to anything up to killing their members. Trampling on their sacred ground or stealing a holy artifact can be forgiven (as long as you bring it back), but murder isn't. Especially callous factions, like evil death cults or orcs, may still be willing to forgive you anyway.

At 10th level, you become Secondary World Tokyo-Branch Head Officer or just "Director" for short. Having gained enough experience to move yourself up the corporate ladder (which you yourself have established), you are now capable of managing the affairs of your party's finances, factional connections, and public relations. You can now apologize for the most heinous of past actions, balance finances and cut costs by -30% for all party members in domain level play, and create effective supply lines and infrastructure anywhere you need it- camp followers come with letters of recommendation.

However, to run this position, you will require two aides to assist you. It is highly recommended these aides are strong enough to survive the assassination attempts, so picking some fantasy creatures like a bugbear or gorgon to help manage your company is probably a good idea.

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