Monday, September 7, 2020

[Class] Baby Murderbeast

Art @Huka (kinda NSFW)
Baby Murderbeast
HD- d12
Maximum AC- 16 / Minimum Starting Hit-Points- 8

You know whenever you watch a fantasy movie and there's always some giant bipedal monster with armor on their legs who stomps through the army and is a big deal? That's you. But you're not fully grown yet, you're just a baby.

You're also CUTE.

You're about the size of a person, an adorable giant baby creature. You're bipedal, and while certainly lacking the mental sharpness of an adult of your kind or a human, you are smart enough to walk around, talk, and use basic weapons. You're a bit clumsy and are easily distracted for being so young.

You're pretty tough, which is your main “ability” starting off. Your Base AC is 12 and you deal +1 damage on a hit starting off. Increase your damage on a hit by +1 every even level. You also have preternatural Strength. Set your Strength to 17 if it is lower then 17 upon character creation. Increase your Strength score by +1 at level 3, 6, and 9.

Whenever you're about to be attacked by a monster, roll a reaction check. On a result of 7 or higher, the monster confuses you as one of its young. You get a +3 to this roll at 1st level, which is REDUCED by -1 at 4th and 8th level. You're not getting any cuter, you just become more of a snot nosed kid. Intelligent creatures aren't affected by this, but most with maternal instincts or morality will have to make a saving throw to willingly kill you, since you're just a kid.

At 10th level, you are no longer cute. You're no longer a baby, you've grown up. Of course, you aren't an adult, you are now an Adolescent Murderbeast. You get your growth spurt, awkward cracking voice, and your first sexual urges. You're not cute enough to trigger bonus reaction checks with monsters, but you're now so big and strong it hardly matters anymore. Replace your Strength with Giant Strength, meaning you only use your actual Strength score against giant creatures. Otherwise you Overwhelm lesser creatures, and always win Strength contests against mere humans.

Additionally, you get that heart breaking moment where you have to choose between your old friends and protectors or joining a group or gang of beings of your own kind who like to rampage and eat people. You can choose to fall into a gang of 2d4 other teenage murderbeasts who will give you all kinds of bad influences.

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