Tuesday, September 22, 2020

10 Men Cloaks

For the Thunder Clans, iron and pale are the two metals that represent life. But clothing is also held in great esteem; beyond the moccasin, the shield, and even the great torc; the truest symbol of a person is their cloak. The cloak is worn as a protection from the cold and rain, and from enemy warriors and wildlife. It is a sign of status, as both poor and rich men wear them. Anyone without a cloak outside is either in greatest ease on a short trip of which they will return home shortly, or in desperate straits as they have lost their own.

Among these warrior clans, different traditions have sprung up over the years. Most of them are magical. The 10 Men Cloaks are no exception. The creation of weaving a 10 Man Cloak is somewhat of a secret, but it tends to involve throwing ten spears, marching ten leagues, and weaving ten strands into the cloak. Of course, finished cloaks have a lot more then 10 strands, and women do most of the sowing in this culture, so its probably really they who finish these cloaks for the warriors.

Once a cloak is complete, it becomes both a powerful symbol of the clan as well as a weapon of war. Of course, they have been around so long in those hills that you won't surprise anyone by using the cloak; they can easily be thwarted by just making a “guest” or decoy take off their cloak, since that will break the spell early. To foreign peoples however, it is a great and startling surprise.

10 Man Cloak – Magic Cloak +2
Stats- Provides +2 AC

The 10 Man Cloak is a magical cloak weaved and created by the magic of a clan. They are decorated and clearly belong to a clan member, and are almost always used by and given to leaders and warriors. Beyond being a useful and powerful piece of armor, the 10 Man Cloak have another power; the power to hide and carry with you warriors from your clan.

Each person who wishes can slink underneath the cloak and “hide” with them, walking and traveling underneath the magic article of cloth. They will not be able to see or know what is happening around them, just following the legs of the wearer. While under the cloak, too much movement or noise will create a slight disturbance in the cloak, hinting at something wrong. As such, stealth is still important. When the cloak is thrown off, the travelers leave underneath the flap, or they charge out from the spot of light underneath and besides the wearer's side.

The cloak is physically bigger then most, but could not hide ten men under it, at least at first glance. However, it can. Up to ten people can travel along with the wearer, being able to sneakily invade a fort or move under cover from this magical cloak.

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