Saturday, October 10, 2020

8 Sea Witch Spells

Art @Adrien Amilhat

[1] Net of Foam - 1st level
This spell creates a magical net from ocean spray and foam. You must be on the shore and able to reach your hands into the water to cast this spell. You form the ocean spray into a magical net which acts exactly as a regular net would. The net can be thrown at enemies (save to untangle/break free) or used for fishing. The fish caught by this net are known to have a pleasant salty flavor. The net lasts for up to 3 turns if used for fishing or can hold struggling enemies for up to 3 combat rounds at most before it breaks apart.

[2] Shell Shot - 1st level

If you have both a sling and a sea shell- this spell empowers your shot. You roll with advantage to hit and the shell will impact dealing 1d2 damage. More importantly, the shell will shatter and spray the target with sea water. The level of the caster determines how soaked the target becomes- from a minor sprinkling to being totally drenched in brine.

[3] Salt Shield - 1st level

This spell requires about an hour or so. Any piece of cloth will work with this spell- they must be dropped into some salt water and allowed to stay there for an hour. After that time, they will come out encrusted with salty scale and be more stiff. Any piece of clothing here becomes as protective as leather- you can cast this spell on yourself while you're swimming or sleeping underwater as well if you want, and if you can do that.

The spell is permanent, as long as the clothes are not cleaned. If you fall into a river while wearing them, get a bucket of fresh water splashed on you, or are out in the rain the salt will wash out and the effect will end. Strangely, anything burnt while stiffened and hardened by this spell will give off a silvery white flame which increases the power of divination spells by 1 caster level.

[4] Low Tide Stink - 2nd level

This spell is rubbed on like a perfume after it is prepared. The caster gains an ungodly odor of the low tide- a horrible smell of fish and rotten waste follow them. This has the effect of giving -2 to all reaction rolls and keeping most folks away. Animals will not be repelled by the stink, and giant crabs will actually be attracted to it as they search for food. The stink of this spell is enough that it can cause or exacerbate problems caused by miasma- not recovery for toxic gas damage for you.

The Low Tide Stink also has a secondary effect. If used in a place that is especially grimy or disgusting, such as a pit of offal or dungeon's latrine, it actually empowers the user's spells. It only works on spells related to disease, decay, or anything else that's gross. The MU casts spells as one level higher for a single spell, OR can shapeshift into a creature of +1 HD higher then they normally could, as long as that creature has a negative connotation, with the use of a polymorph spell or ability.

[5] The Venus - 3rd level

This spell creates a woman. She will arrive 1d3 days after the spell has been cast in a giant clam shell, created from ocean spray. She is unattractive, overweight, not terribly clever, but a good listener and gives her creator a lot of undeserved loyalty. As she was born of the ocean, she has no bloodline and is not of any real importance- she gets +2 to sneak or disguise as a servant or washing girl. Otherwise, she is just a normal girl.

Sea witches use this spell to create for themselves a washing girl, or someone to go out onto the beach to collect shells for them. They'll often treat them very badly and forbid them from every speaking or even being seen by anyone else.

The Venus is a tragic figure. While she is created from magic, she feels and seems real, and she herself believes she is real. But she is cursed. The Venus is a young girl and as a result may find herself falling madly in love to random, exciting new people she's introduced to. Her curse is that, when the moment her lips touch another, she will sigh happily and then turn back into ocean spray and be lost forever.

[6] Coral Corral - 3rd level

This spell must be cast on the coast, and requires a full round of screaming at the sea and is impossible to do with stealth. The magic will rise a 'cage' made of corral from the water and can trap an area of 200 sq ft. This can be done in the depth enough that an ocean dwelling animal may be beached, or a land creature to be forced to tread water. The area is surrounded by thick, poisonous corals that are very painful to touch (deals 1d2 damage each time you touch them, painful). The corals are very hard and tough but could be chopped through with a good steel axe, though it would take the better part of an hour to make a man-sized hole. The corals rise up 20 ft into the air and last for about two hours; at which point they will start to wither away and crumble to dust.

The caster may make a saving throw vs spells to open a “door” in the side of the corral they can pass through one direction. Once they pass through, they'll have to make another check to leave again, and so on. If they fail any check, they cannot re enter or leave their corral.

[7] Sailor's Death - 4th level

The most fearsome spell of the sea witches- and their main form of self defense. Upon this spell being cast, the lungs of her enemies fill with ocean water. This spell can be used on up to four people with each casting, all whoever the caster chooses to a maximum range of a stone's throw.

If your lungs are filled with water, you'll start to drown. Every round, you must save. On a failed save, you die. Your lungs were filled and popped apart with salt water. If you succeed your save, you can't do anything but grab your throat and choke as you take 2d6+2 damage. This spell is totally useless against beings who don't need to breathe, or who can breathe underwater.

[8] Horrible Squid Vagina - 4th level

This is a bad one. This spell replaces the caster's genitalia with a horrible squid vagina in it's place. The squid vagina is fully functional, but has a retractable beak which can bite at 1d4 and had 8 tentacles coming off of the pubic region. This tentacles are about a foot and a half in length each, and are fully prehensile. This spell is a permanent transformation. Also you pee ink.

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