Friday, October 16, 2020

6 World-Wide Enchantments

[1] Stolen Strength
This spell must be cast by a very powerful Sorcerer. Typically it is cast with ritual reagents including the blood of giants, magical stones, and powdered flesh of rare and exotic species to name a few. Once the spell is cast, the “magic” must be bound in an object or location that relates to imbibing food or drink. All who drink at that table or drink from that chalice restore damage to their Strength score, and over the course of each meal or feast you will gain an additional point of Strength.

If the eating continues; treat those who use this spell as with “Giant Strength”, meaning they win all Strength contests against those without Giant Strength, and treat their modifier as a +5 for anything not involving other giant or supernaturally strong creatures. Those blessed by the spell can eventually bend steel, divert rivers, and crush boulders into dust with their fingers.

All across the world; this spell steals strength to give it to those who partake. Young men grow short and weaker then their fathers. Giants pant and sweat under their own weight. The great beasts of the wild become afraid of man; unable to drag their victims off their horses or into the rivers. This stolen strength flows to the feasters and grants them greater and greater power. The effects are minor for those who only use this spell to empower themselves or their retinue, but the longer it is active and the more people eat from that table to receive its benefits, the more devastating this becomes for the average folk and even the natural world until it is ended.

[2] Bloody Hand of Injustice
In order to complete the long and arduous process to cast this spell, the caster must organize a ritual of great slaughter where at least 33 virgins and 66 animal sacrifices are made, invoked to the dark God known as Canor.

Canor appears as a bloody severed hand with pure black flesh, a silver stake through the palm, and an eyeball topping one finger. It takes interest in those who commit great Injustice, and rewards their sacrifice with its powerful boon.

Once the ritual is complete, the spellcaster becomes totally immune to secular justice. All over the world, authority figures find themselves stripped of their ability to do anything about them. This power is “worldwide” because it affects everyone, even authority figures who have no knowledge of the spellcaster, but will find it impossible to punish them even after they commit another crime against them. The power of this enchantment increases with higher levels of authority- local lords and militia men will find themselves stalling and unable to raise arms against the injust one, but may still be able to spread the word or find a second hand way to harm them, such as leading monsters to their lair. Kings and High Nobles lose any ability at all to do anything about the person in question; they cannot rally armies or demand their imprisonment, they can't tax them in lieu of a formal fine, nor can they even exile or banish them. The orders simply can't carry down the chain of command.

Those not involved with authority, such as hapless adventurers and outlaws, are not affected by this power. If they are the ones to kill or stop the spellcaster of this spell however, they will be branded as outlaws for attacking them. This happens regardless of if everyone involved knows about the spell and is actively working against it; the Dark God who controls it is more powerful then mere men. Religious authorities and paladins are immune to this spell entirely, which is why they are so often trusted to deal with the forces of dark magic.

[3] Utopian Sky-Streak
This spell requires a good hearted mage to be cast, and many gemstones of all the colors of the rainbow. The magic user must stand on a sacred cliff, throwing the gems into the air and watching them turn into colorful streaks of light across the sky. The more gems they use for this spell, the more likely it is to stick and the more powerful its effects are.

Every so often, a sky-streak of color will pass over a town, village, or countryside. People will feel an innate sense of luck, happiness, and comradire with each other even if they didn't see the streak. The magical streak is like a washed-out rainbow sometimes hard to see across a bright blue sky, but it is essentially a bringer of fortune. Every intelligent being will be better off having the streak fly over their lands, and the streaks often bring about worshiping cargo-cults that praise them. These sky-streaks continue on forever, but only rarely occur in one place at one time. The more times this spell is cast, the more commonly the streaks appear.

There is also a weakness to this spell; the capture spell. If an opposing or greedy magician makes a magic clay pot and paints the interior black while leaving it outside and a Sky-Streak passes overhead, it will mistake the pot as a sad, dark place that needs its touch. It will fly inside the pot and become trapped as the lid falls on top. Then, the mage can easily transform the streak back into a portion of the gemstones used to cast it, plus a portion of all the money given to wishing wells and shrines used to wish for good wishes.

[4] Atmosphere of Alloy
This spell is anathema for most living things, and its continued existence will destroy all life as we know it in the world. As such, orders of holy warriors who battle against inanimate intelligences, automatons, and societies of golems who have broken free from their masters. The spell's effects begin at a local level, killing or converting all wildlife and intelligent beings, and slowly spreads as the spell caster feeds it. Most spells on this list can be ended by killing the magic user who cast the spell, as their numen is directly what feeds the enchantment.

This spell gives a coppery tint to the air, and makes the sky burn brilliant colors at dawn and dusk in the local area. Water starts to shine oddly and taste metallic. This spell is changing the world into one of metals, stone, and mercury. Living trees in the area begin to so sicken and die, but they don't fall over and instead stay rooted in the ground as their bark turns to iron. Animals slow down and starve as plant life falls apart, many grazing beasts get cuts on their legs and stomachs and die from them from the grass that has gotten as sharp as swords. Most animals will eventually either freeze in place on death, slowly becoming a crumbling, rusting metal sculpture in the rain, or they will break down and their animal souls will turn to elementals; a lesser form of life spiritually but a better survivor in the toxic new world. Humans are not safe from this effect; entire towns are locked in place in the middle of the last busy day they could have. The power of this spell is driven by the air; it slowly permeates matter, but the air and the sky is always first to change, and wearing breathing masks and using magic fans can help keep the worse of the effects of breathing the metal air away from you.

As this spell is fed, it has a feedback loop. The metal and alloyed creatures and beings it makes create more magical energy aligned with the caster's wish to convert all to unliving matter, and as such it feeds the spell more and more. It grows larger, invading nearby lands with heavy fog and miasma that smells of sulpher in the deepest valleys. Those on the tops of mountains may forever be safe from the spell, and it can hardly cross oceans without intervention, but this spell could still easily wipe out all life if not taken care of quickly.

Some beings are not alive, but have aspirations to control the world themselves or simply to live at peace from the chaos of living beings. Ancient golems thousands of years old may tire of humans giving them orders, and as such, seek to serve those who may cast this spell to make the world quiet and sterile. Some entire races of beings may already be partially living metal or clay; using this spell might sicken a part of them or may only help their adaptation along into being totally lifeless beings, immune to the weaknesses of normal flesh.

[5] Dungeon Breathe
Ancient rites of chaos magicians. This spell only exists in fantasy worlds where “dungeons” and the “mythic underworld” are close in connection. All over the world, the entrances to caves, crypts, and dungeons start to supernaturally develop air currents and low murmering sounds that sounds like distant breathing, as though the Earth itself is alive. Every day, the dungeons will exhale monsters into the world, and inhale light and nature. As time goes on, this powerful magic spell will start to make the world into a more magical, though dangerous place, where as dungeons will start to become more peaceful and placid, but only just.

The nightmare logic of a dungeon and the peaceful order of the surface world will mix together into a brackish mixture which, at its conclusion, will mean as above so below. Dungeons develop naturalistic fauna and are safer, the surface develops new creatures and animals that are more aggressive and dangerous, with powerful artifacts and traps spontaneously generating even in natural places and orderly structures. The world becomes a hexcrawl.

[6] Primitive Presence
This spell must be cast in a magical glade or hot spring in a natural place, untouched by human hands. This spell cannot be ended by slaying the caster, but only be destroying this place of natural beauty or cast the dispelling magic here and only here.

All around the world, tools of iron and steel begin to decay. They rust and fall apart. Armor and weapons all start to suffer, and technology becomes incredibly unreliable and decays very fast. Coinage starts to tarnish and paper money is shredded. Books are hit very hard as well, causing havoc to all magical practitioners except those who continue the old oral traditions. Even domesticated animals feel the effects- still changed from how they were in the ancient days but more wild and rugged. All around the world, civilization starts to fall back from the forces of nature, and people are slowly but surely forced to return to a more primitive lifestyle of hunting and gathering in nomadic tribes. These changes do not happen all at once; it could take five generations for the last bastions of the civilized world to crumble away to natural savegery.

This spell grants power to those races who have little to benefit from technology, or to those who have found other ways to be advanced and powerful. Bronze is also largely unaffected, meaning much of the world will continue on with armors and weapons made of bronze and lesser metals. Once the world has 'reset' itself to a point of naturalism, the spell wears off and people can begin to create systems of writing and farming again. It is believed that throughout history, this spell was cast multiple times, which is what has caused the rise and fall of so many ancient civilizations.

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