Saturday, December 22, 2018

6 First Level Defense Spells

[1] Knife-Thrower's Bane - 1st level
This spell grants +3 AC versus a single thrown knife attack. When cast, this spell must select the character about to throw a knife at the caster, or selecting a target to be protected by this spell. The spell ends after the first time it grants protection. This spell has a +3 AC bonus against knives and kunai, but only has a +2 AC bonus against things similar but separate from knives, such as thrown swords, spears, shurikens, and chakrams. This spell only gets a +1 AC bonus against arrows, bolts, darts, and needles as the symbolic closeness to arrows ends. Sling bullets and musket fire is not effected and passes right through this spell's magical protection.

[2] Billowing Leaf Barrier - 1st level
Only usable in a place with a decent amount of fallen leaves and when an enemy tries to attack you in melee. There is a sudden updraft of wind around the caster and the leaves fly upwards, hitting the foe with surprising force and giving them -4 on their attack roll. During the Fall season, the amount of leaves means the barrier it more powerful, automatically blocking the melee attack. Creatures using huge weapons or running at full force may be able to penetrate the most powerful leaf shields, getting a -6 against their attack roll if they go through the shield in fall, but for most it obscures and blocks the caster totally, giving them a chance to back up or even escape.

[3] Vacuum Orb - 1st level
When hit by a magical fire spell or flaming bolt, this spell lets you attempt to cancel out the bolt in mid air by catching it in a vacuum, suffocating the magical fire inside your sphere. This spell can be cast as a reaction to a fire spell, and can only catch and extinguish fire or projectiles of pure fire like spit from a Fire Elemental. Flaming projectiles with physical parts, like a fire arrow, are not stopped by this spell. The damage for the fire spell or blast must be rolled first to see if the vacuum can handle its heat and ferocity. The orb only works on fire spells that deal 3 + wisdom modifier of defending caster damage or less. Anything more powerful breaks through the Orb and hits the defending caster anyway.

This spell can also be used to put out regular small fires the caster is close enough to touch; like candles, torches, or tiny campfires. An especially powerful mage or one with high Wisdom may be able to suffocate an oven or furnace's flames with this spell. The suction of the orb could also do something like trap a rat within it for a moment or suck an object out of a medium where it is stuck, but its secondary powers are quite weak compared to greater versions of the spell.

[4] Ambertrap - 1st level
Using this spell, you can capture a small annoying insect in a permanent trap made of amber. This spell only works on tiny insects,slugs, evil leeches, or other vermin and something without even a single HD, and especially powerful little creatures get a saving throw to resist. The trap is clearly holds the insect, and if broken free by spell or hammer the creature will once again free them. Teachers and practitioners of this spell beg students to dispose of the creatures they trap with this spell when they get the chance or keep them safely contained, because prophets can forsee the ecological devastation that will eventually come from these ancient and primordial beings, modern insects and pests, will bring upon the future when they are one day freed from their amber prisons.

[5] Devisualizer - 1st level
Once cast, the caster makes themselves and up to a small group of willing targets totally incapable of mentally visualizing or imagining things. The specific mechanics of this spell make your Charisma modifier when it comes to artistic creation and art count as -2, but it also prevents you from visualizing bad things and being harmed by phantasms that rely on your own imagination to conjure your worst fears or make you hurt yourself. The spell lasts 6 turns or one hour.

[6] Shield of Surprise - 1st level
Cast only just after being hit or just before. When the magic user is hit in melee by an enemy, the offending creature will see a strange orange light growing underneath the caster's robes, under their fingernails, in the wrinkles on their face and behind their eyelids. Then with a smile, the magic user releases the retaliatory bolt of energy that blasts the unsuspecting foe in revenge! The bolt deals 1d4 + magic user's Intelligence modifier in damage. This spell even activates on death of the caster, retaliating at the last second.

This spell only ever works once on the same target. It's very surprising and quite dangerous to most weak creatures the first time it happens, but after that they expect it. Whenever this spell is cast on them again, they just sidestep or block the block, knowing the orange energy will blast them if they don't respond. Those who know about the spell but have never been hit by it just get a saving throw to avoid it. If a creature's memory is totally wiped or their level is drained to 0 they may forget or lose track of the experience and becoming vulnerable to it for another singular instance.

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