Thursday, December 20, 2018

6 First Level Attack Spells

[1] Astral Spider - 1st level
When cast, this spell flings forth a spider from the astral realm from the caster's hand, lunging at the target. The target must be within range of a spear. The spider conjured isn't a real spider, it appears as a glowing light that is more of a suggestion of a spider made up from both the caster's and the target's mind of what a spider should be.

When the spider hits, it deals 1d6 poison damage on a bite and disappears into a shimmering light. Anyone can try to avoid the spider by cutting it down in mid air or dodging it by making a combat save. On a successful save the spider becomes a neutral combatant and may attempt to scurry off to hide until it can find something to sink its fangs into and finally cease existing.

[2] Horned Headbutt - 1st level
This spell conjures magical horns on the casters head, letting them perform a headbutt on a nearby enemy. The unexpected attack gets +2 to its attack roll, but still must succeed in order to hit. If you fail the attack roll, the horns are blocked by stay on your head until you make a successful hit, or until someone hits you over the head with something hard (take -2 damage from the attack).

In addition, if this spell is cast while the caster is wearing a helmet made of metal or wood, then you can add +1 to the damage as you crack the opponents skull with your own.

[3] Flying Feathers - 1st level
To cast this spell, the user must have a handful of feathers in their hand. They could be ripped from a pillow or a live bird in the same round. When cast, the feathers are thrown outwards in an arc that hits all in front of the caster in a cone, the feathers flying with quills out like daggers. The feathers deal 1d4+1 damage on a hit, and count as magic so they can hit supernatural creatures.

The feathers of a specific or powerful bird or feathered creature can change what this spell does. Phoenix feathers deal an extra +1 damage and all damage is treated as fire damage. Feathers from an angel don't hit good people and deal bonus damage to demons, or turn undead as equal to the casters level as though they were a Cleric of the same level, and so on.

[4] Devastating Pattern - 1st level
This spell creates a negative spiral of energy and thought on the target, and deals 1d2 damage to their Wisdom score AND the next saving throw they make is made at -1d2 from the unlucky energy placed upon them. This spell is more of a curse however, as the target is wrapped up in depressive or addictive behaviors after getting hit by it, the longer it is kept without treatment the worse this becomes. This effect persists even after the Wisdom has been restored.

Anyone can be cursed of this spells cursing effects by having a ceremony done by their local healer or mystic, or can also have it reversed as a result of receiving or giving a genuine act of kindness.

[5] Shockburst Stain - 1st level
The caster throws out an apple-sized ball of yellow energy which seeks its target unerringly. When it hits, it deals 1d2 shock damage, and can only be stopped by jumping into a body of water or going behind a waterfall to short out the electricity.

Once the orb hits, it also stains the clothes and equipment of the target with a splotchy yellowish stain. If only hit once, it is easy to overlook the stain especially in the dark, but if hit many times the color of the outfit will be significantly marred. The yellow stain is a course and dry but well stuck on material, and seems to hum with energy if you touch it with something metallic. As long as they wear clothes with the stain they get -2 to saving throws versus electrical spells and traps, and get -2 AC versus creatures highly tied to electricity like an electric eel or thunderbird.

The next time the character with the stain gets wet, or has water dumped on them such as from a bucket or a water spell, they take 1d4 damage. If they have multiple stains, they take 1d4 per stain and convulse from the powerful voltage, stunning them for a round. The stain is also instantly removed upon getting wet, disappearing into the water. The only way to safely remove the stains is to either wash them with a long pole, or scrap the stain off manually using a knife.

[6] Gongfool - 1st level
You can only cast this spell on someone holding a shield. When this spell is cast, the shield suddenly pulls forward, as though hooked by something very strong, then slams backwards into the target's upper body and potentially face. If the shield is made of wood or bone, it will deal 1d2 damage and temporarily stun them, lowering their place in the initiative cue by one turn. If the sheild is made of hide, the target is just momentarily stunned without damage. If the shield is made of metal, it deals 1d4 damage and gives the spell its name by creating a loud ringing gong sound, and makes quite a fool of the Fighter holding the shield.

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