Saturday, October 22, 2022

8 Magic Songs

[1] Bourree of the Bastard
This song is played at a frantic pace; best played on drums made of human skin or a decaying violin that shrieks. Anyone who hears this song begins to feel both rage and a sensation of revelry at the same time; a sort of casual violence and cruelty overcomes the listener; no morale checks are rolled for those who can hear this song.

[2] Song of the Skyless
This magic song is special to those who have spent their entire lives underground. To anyone who has ever seen or lived on the surface world; the song sounds sort of tinny and wrong, but to those who have only known the underdark or subterranean places, this song is enrapturing. If you play this song to a being who has only ever spent their life underground; treat your reaction check as the highest possible result for this creature. For unintelligent creatures, the song is simply a pleasant noise, so only treat reaction checks rolls as a +1 for the pleasing melody.

What creatures have spent their whole life underground? Dwarves (except nobility) have a 1 in 10 chance to have never gone to the surface. Orcs, Drow, Gnolls, and other cave dwelling races only on a 1 in 4 since they frequently raid the surface world. If creatures are in a group together- assume the ones who can hear the song get the best reaction check but the rest go along as normal- treating your song as some kind of enchanting witch spell instead of a special song just for them.

[3] Melody of Mold
Low, ambient sound usually enchanted on old stone, or more rarely, plays softly from clusters of glowing mushrooms deep underground. Every mushroom, growth, mold, or myconid near the sound becomes resistant to fire- fields of sporecaps are protected by their own natural melodies. Fire only has a 1 in 6 chance to spread when you try to light a room full of shrooms. Blowing them up doesn't work much better- they'll hide underground before popping back up again undamaged. Clouds of spores or pollens are not protected by this spell, so you may be able to clear a safe path through a toxic mushroom swamp by burning the clouds away and giving yourself a brief window to pass.

This sound is considered to be a natural phenomena. Some say it's the closest things that mushrooms have to a God- a sort of proto-creation of natural harmony and cooperation joined together.

[4] Song in a Shoe
This song can be played on any instrument, but always appears as a pair of silver shoes with a unique flair or in the style of the player of the song. These shoes grant fleetness of foot- a traveling speed increase of one sixth or one extra hex per day of travel, and those who wear these shoes are never surprised- but the shoes give off the song with each and every step the wearer makes, making stealth impossible and clearly showing the wearer is under the effect of a spell unless if they have instruments they can pretend to play to cover up the sound of the song.

The Song in a Shoe keeps working for one full day or until the wearer stops walking for more then a turn (going into a dungeon, traveling by boat, riding a mount, or making camp stops this spell).

[5] Ragtime Rites
Fast paced, engaging song played by a group. While most funerals are quiet, mournful affairs, this song is more upbeat and energetic. It has the effect of calming and weakening restless spirits- causing the undead to return to their eternal rest after a bout of spirited dancing. Violent undead, however, will still attack. Each round the song is played, all undead nearby will dance, with restless and evil undead or servants of necromancers taking 1 damage per round until destroyed.

This song is a specialty of the Merrymarrows, who do not take any damage from the song, but it helps get their old bones moving. It is for this reason that the lands they hail from have such colorful funerals; it's an excuse for the skeletons to party while putting down actually dangerous undead.

[6] Goblin Song
This son is performed most commonly by goblins in a goblin war band- which is basically just what happens when more then a dozen goblins get together and get bored of messing with each other. Sounds suspiciously like the Melody of Mold just with scratching goblin singing over it- considering the melody is the goblin's second favorite song they probably just copied it. It has a similar effect, except it applies to all goblins in earshot, who gain +2 temporary Hit-Points.

Whenever this song is played; no actual instruments are needed, just various objects to smash together, bones to clatter, or the occasional cat that they stick pins in to make an instrument.

[7] Lawful Litany
Imbued with the powers of Law, this alignment-based song has a holy sound. If this song is playing, any lawful cleric will Turn Undead as though one level higher. In addition, unholy noise, demonic chants, and spoken curses will fall dead in the throats of the sinners; cancelling or silencing the spells of those of Chaotic alignment.

The twinkling highs and harmonious voice of this song are truly beautiful to hear. It is said that this song is a copy of a copy of a memory of a dream of a holy man once allowed to hear one single song in heaven.

[8] Rhetorical Requiem
Only the name of this song is known to people- the words and how it goes is not. This song is not remembered by anyone who hears it- only those who know how to play. While the song itself is moving, immediately after it is played, all who heard it forget its details and the performance. The subjects of this spell lose all memory of the performance itself; just that they "heard" the song. This also applies to anything said or heard during the song as well- which fades into its performance. You could accuse someone of murder with its lyrics, see their horrified reaction at being found out, and then when the song ends they forgot you ever accused them of anything.

This song has been used by many to fleece patrons, to investigate rumors, to trick and confuse. But be warned, those who cannot hear the notes being played will remember everything they have seen and felt. This is the reason why the wise always keep a deaf man with them when they hear the strings play.

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